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Site Analysis Kit

The process of finding perfect png of trees, arrows, wind direction, sun path diagram, and many more can be very time-consuming and tedious. So we have done this for you. This is everything you need to craft an Effective, Informative, and Attractive Site Analysis. 

Learn how to shape and use it to its full advantage with the in-depth guide and extensive set of video tutorials attached with it.

You will get

  1. +110 Arrow png

  2. +30 Tree Plan png 

  3. +25 Location Pins

  4. +20 North Pointers 

  5. +15 Wind Arrow png

  6. +15 People Plan 

  7. +10 Sun png

  8. Photoshop Pattern   (Grass, Building Hatch 1-3)

  9. Sunpath Diagrams

  10. Different Vector Lines (Showing movement)


Site Analysis Kit

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